Help for Shareholders

If you hold shares directly with the Company, please refer to Section 1 below

If you hold shares via a Private Wealth Manager or online trading platform, please refer to Section 2 below

Section 1

    1. Voting if you are a Directly Registered Retail Shareholder

If your shares are held directly on the Company’s Share Register, you should have received a Form of Proxy to your registered address. The Form of Proxy template is also available on the Company’s corporate website.

1.2) Deadline for Voting

As set out in the Form of Proxy, the deadline for submitting your voting instruction to the Company’s Registrar is 10.00 am on Monday 9th of August 2021.

Please note the Company has also confirmed that they will accept a scanned copy of your Form of Proxy and this should be sent to [email protected] with ‘Block Energy plc GM vote’ in the subject line of your email.

1.3) Voting Direction

The General Meeting has been called by G.P. (Jersey) Limited, a shareholder with 31,308,000 ordinary shares in the Company.

If you wish to support G.P. (Jersey) Limited, simply vote in favour of both resolutions being proposed at the General Meeting by ticking the appropriate section of the Form of Proxy. Do not forget to sign and date the Form of Proxy.

Please note that a ‘Withheld’ vote is not a vote in law and will not be included when the Company calculates the number of voting instructions received for and against the resolutions being put to shareholders.

Section 2

2.1) Voting Via your Private Wealth Manager

If you manage your Block Energy plc shareholding via a broker, such as Hargreaves Lansdown, Halifax Share Dealing or Barclays Wealth you may not have been sent a Form of Proxy or notification regarding the General Meeting.

Most Private Wealth Managers will however facilitate voting for the clients who make a specific request. Many Private Wealth Managers will have an online portal or secure form and several will also accept your instructions over the phone or via email.

2.2) Deadline for Voting

It is likely that your Private Wealth Manager will set a much earlier deadline to receive your voting instructions, most likely on or around the 4th of August 2021. With that in mind it is important that you instruct your Private Wealth Manager how you wish to vote your shares as soon as possible.

2.3) Voting Direction – Sample email

As it is unlikely that you will have received a Form of Proxy from your Private Wealth Manager, below is a template you may wish to use in order to convey your instructions:


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